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"Helping People Become Brands and Make a Name For Themselves"

Shelly Peterson
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At Promoting Me, we specialize in strategy. A strategy built around marketplace trends, standing out in a micro attention world, personal branding, storytelling, leadership development, and new business start-ups. We help people make a name for themselves.

Your digital business card is always with you. People will never lose your contact information again. Tell intimidating processes goodbye! The set-up process is easy. We will work with you to design your card. When changes are needed, they are easy to make. Your information will always be up to date. No need to reprint costly cards, this option is eco-friendly.

Own the business of you. No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5% by academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by how you communicate your skills and who you are. Building an online presence shows that you are keeping up with technology and willing to do more than the average person to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competition. Your personal brand is your trademark. It is time to invest in you!

Consulting comes in many forms. Do you have a business idea, and are struggling to find the path to implementation? Are you a busy career professional feeling stuck in your current position? Are you a small business owner unsure of how to promote yourself digitally? With coaching sessions, we can help bring clarity, motivation, and action to your next steps. We find solutions to modern-day challenges.

Social media is transforming how we do business. Develop the necessary assets and marketing campaigns. Learn to grow your business.

Leadership. More than just a buzzword. Promoting Me will customize leadership programs for your business and team members.

Promoting Me, LLC. Making a name for yourself.

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