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-Sherri Pap-

Mary Kay


I have always had a passion and love for health and wellness, but like most women, I have tried every diet, diet pill, shakes, plans, etc. out there to try and lose weight. I thought, like most, that the magic pill had to be out there somewhere! I ate all the fat-free, zero calorie, cardboard food products and didn’t lose even one pound! I was frustrated to say the least and constantly critical of myself and extremely self-conscious. I used exercise for punishment for overeating, but I also used it as a reward to justify eating more!‚Äč

In the early 1990’s I joined a religious “weight loss” program which taught us simple lifestyle changes, behavior modification, and listening to our bodies. I went back to eating REAL food, gave up the diet mentality, started listening to my body and lost weight without even trying! It changed my life forever!

I have taken back my health and gotten off all prescription medications for the conditions I previously struggled with. I maintain a healthy weight and full wellness lifestyle. I got off the crazy diet roller coaster, dropped the diet mentality and eat real food! I am passionate about helping other women do the same. There is so much freedom in eating real food, making simple swaps, incorporating regular exercise and movement; all without even having to think about it! It just becomes what you do and how you live. I believe in moderation and eating for the real world. The last thing women nowadays needs is one more thing on their to-do list! I incorporate a mind, body, and soul approach. You need balance in all three to have complete harmony and peace in your life. I incorporate things I learned all those years back in the religious group I was in that taught me how to live naturally and free.


I have been working with Sherri for almost 3 years now and it has made such a difference in my day to day life and health. She is so knowledgeable and inspiring. I would recommend her to anyone who is working to make positive changes in their life and health.

Christine - Moose Lake, MN

When I started working with Sherri I was looking to make life long changes to improve my overall health and well being which is one of Sherri's passions. She listened to my challenges and helped me learn new lifestyle habits which have helped me work towards eliminating those challenges. Sherri's energetic, kind and caring personality makes her really easy to talk to and helps with setting realistic ideas to meet your goals!

Nikki - Cloquet, MN

Sherri is great to work with. She is a very positive person and great motivator! I've worked with her both as a life coach and as a personal trainer and have had great results with both! The inches that I have lost and continue to lose due to her guidance and encouragement have been amazing! I've learned so much from working with her and highly recommend her to help you on your fitness journey!

Sandy - Cloquet, MN

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