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"Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience"

-Robert Lumley-

CEO and Customer Service Representative

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As the co-founder and CEO of Dream Scooters LLC, Robert dreams of providing more opportunities to our community as the company grows. The idea arose for Dream Scooters LLC during one of the many months of the pandemic, when Robert noticed a decrease in children and families spending time outside. He went to work and found out as much as he could about the different opportunities, and possible offering to help bring technology to kids outdoors while encouraging outside family time. After many hours and research, Dream Scooters LLC. was born.

Robert is a family man. He and his Fiance, Alicia are focused on building sustainable community involved activities to support their family and be a positive role model for their kids.

Conveniently located by the new Essentia Health Building, the Dream Scooter Storefront offers a variety of beverages and food items. It also offers safety equipment for all ages such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and reflective gear.

The storefront is set up family friendly, to offer a safe environment for families to shop to enhance their micro-mobility experience.

Our scooters are a personal e-scooter that’s built for a smooth and comfortable ride anywhere, anytime. With front wheel suspension to absorb shock, a long platform and a wide base, our scooters provide stability, comfort, and the ultimate freedom to ride electric.

They are designed to be the safest, most durable micro-mobility options on the road today. Developed by industry-leading engineers, our fleet is informed by rigorous testing and learnings from the tens of millions of rides taken on the platform.

Our E-Bikes are a great budget friendly option for urban commutes or recreational enhancement.

Our bikes feature a 500W Motor, speeds up to 20Mph, disc brakes and spring shock absorbers for your comfort.

We partner with many micro-mobility manufacturers. Do you want one of your own? Feel free to reach out to us today to see how we can help you find the right micro-mobility vehicle of your choice!

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