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-Monica Gay-

Certified Non-Surgical Health Specialist

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Monica is the founder and CEO of Heartsong Health and Healing. Her passion for wellness and alternative medicine started as a young mother in the early 1990s. After health-related challenges with allergies and ear infections, Monica and her husband changed how they cared for themselves by eliminating dairy, processed foods, sugar, white flour, fluoride, and chlorinated water, replacing these with clean water, whole foods, and whole food supplements. They were never sick again. No more ear infections, allergies, menstrual cramps, or PMS. Very few colds, no major flu bugs. It was incredible. The whole experience was the catalyst for Monica’s passion for wellness and sharing how to improve quality of life with others.In 2019, Monica created Heartsong, where she realized her dream of having an equine education facility. She offers lessons and brings in like-minded clinicians with the sole intention of furthering better partnerships and understanding between horses and humans. Her passion does not stop with training but also includes physical wellness. Physical wellness includes what we eat and drink, what we think, and where we are emotionally. She brings in osteopaths, cranial sacral and massage therapists, and energy workers. She has always wanted to find healing modalities with both horses and humans, and now she can offer these: CellSonic, Non-Surgical Bodywork, and Whole Life Coaching

The CellSonic VIPP machine is a new branch of medicine that kills infection and triggers tissue regeneration. The origins of the technology go back forty years to removing kidney stones by shattering them with sound waves and this was the first ever non-invasive surgery. Since then, the technology has been developed with new applications discovered. Drugs are not used so there are no side effects. VIPP is Very Intense Pressure Pulses which are fast bangs made by flashing high voltages across an electrode in a reflector containing water in a shock head. Gel is placed between the shock head and the patient with their body being largely water and the resultant pressure wave travels through the body without harming healthy cells and damaging unhealthy cells.

Wolfe Non-Surgical stands alone when it comes to treating every area of the body: back, ribcage, kidneys, hips, legs, shoulders, arms, pelvic area, abdomen, breasts, and face. No other treatment goes deeper when it comes to chronic tissue and organ problems or delivers such long-lasting results when it comes to eliminating pain and restoring tissue.

The CellSonic VIPP machine is a new branch of medicine that can kill infection and trigger tissue regeneration.

The intense pressure pulse it produces can kill infection, increase vascularisation, and repair nerves without drugs or side effects. CellSonic works with the immune system to repair without the risk of collateral damage.

You can have the perfect day from the moment you rise till you gently close your eyes. Monica’s consultations will surpass your expectations on all levels of health and wellness. She provides 6 weeks of unlimited support because your success is her success. As you grow, she will continually grow your program for you. A healthy relationship with your consultant and yourself is the key ingredient to reclaiming and maintaining the life you deserve. All your questions matter because you matter.

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