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MJ Kinney is the Founder and Principal Consultant at FareScience, where she specializes in plant-based product development and commercial scale-up. Spanning alternative protein experience in b2b, b2c, and non-profit sectors throughout the food industry, her work continuously connects ingredient innovations with their application in scalable, novel products (namely meat, egg, and dairy alternatives). MJ actively maintains formulation development, ingredient procurement, and manufacturer selection capabilities for food companies of varying size. She currently serves as a Technical Subject Matter Expert for XPRIZE’s Feed the Next Billion competition where she applies insight into the know-how and challenges unique to the plant-based space. Throughout her career, she has counseled start-ups as well as some of the largest food companies while building relationships with scientists, industry and academic professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and other key stakeholders. MJ earned her B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida.

MJ’s Publications:

General food science expertise, including:

  • Commercialization know-how of alternative protein products, including plant-based meat, egg, and dairy CPG
  • Creation of FDA-compliant Ingredient Declarations and Nutrition Facts Panels for CPG
  • Technical problem-solving assessments to yield recommendations and next steps toward resolution

The development of original food product formulations, namely plant-based foods in the alternative meat, egg, and dairy categories of CPG. Experience with the following applications:

  • Restructured alternative meat (grounds, burgers, sausages)
  • Whole muscle alternative meat (strips, tenders)
  • Egg replacement
  • Hard alternative cheese
  • Spreadable alternative cheese
  • Alternative dairy dips and dressings
  • Alternative yogurt and kefir
  • Ready-to-drink beverage
  • Dry beverage blends
  • Compliance with Vegan, Certified Organic, Natural, Low Sugar, Keto, and Allergen-Free criteria

The revision of existing food product formulations for improved sensory profile and costs

  • The search and selection of specialty ingredients a part of a food product formulation
  • The revision of existing food product formulations for improved sensory profile and costs
  • The search for and selection of a compatible contract manufacturer
  • Application and region specific
  • On-site / in-person inspection
  • Scaling benchtop formulations to a pilot or production scale of operation
  • Revised formulation formatting for optimal scalability
  • Creation of process flow diagrams
  • Essential planning logistically, including new customer onboarding and QA documentation

B2B Ingredient Strategy: Exercises to test nutrition and functionality, assess market segmentation, & determine pricing of a finished ingredient Experience with the following ingredients:

  • Plant Protein Concentrates and Isolates
  • Functional Flours
  • Functional Starches
  • Extrudate (crisps, cereal, and textured vegetable proteins)
  • Co-products (creating value for byproducts)

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