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Lindsey is known for her organizational and self-sufficient style which she uses to keep her finger on the pulse of the newest marketing trends and best digital marketing practices. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. During college, she developed a solid foundation in marketing principles and gained hands-on experience through internships and projects. These experiences gave her valuable insights into various aspects of marketing, including market research, digital marketing, branding, and campaign development. Lindsey is from right outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and loves the faced paced and energetic environment of the city which she transfers directly into her work with clients. She enjoys the few summer months Wisconsin has to offer, traveling during the cold months, and attending various sporting and entertainment events with friends in the city.

We will work together to create an online profile, a .COM or .ME, where we will share your education, knowledge, skills, abilities, accomplishments, lessons learned, goals, personal interests. We will share your personal journey and stories. This site will also become a repository to highlight and share your career. ‚Äč Your website will be: Clear & Concise Look Professional Recent and Up-to-Date Information Illustrate Growth over the Years

Social media management, SEO, Geo-Fencing, Google Analytics, ID Targeting

Using paper business cards in 2022 is like flipping through the yellow pages. More than 10 trillion business cards are printed every year and 88% of them are thrown away. We will create you a mini-website electronic business card. Electronic cards will save you time, they are contactless, help you stand out from your competition, allow you to share much more information than a traditional business card and give you live analytics to see who is visiting your card. Never forget your business card again.

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