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After 20+ years of Massage Therapy and Energy Healing experience, Jill began to listen to the call to work with clients more than skin deep. Seeing the mind-body connection to the “Issues in the tissues”

Evolving and expanding in knowledge, Jill adds ThetaHealer and Hypnotist to her list of certifications. This combination of altered consciousness work allows for the spiritual to meet the scientific! For powerful and transformative healing and self-development work, this is life-changing and habit-busting!

Her holistic approach is effectively helping clients break through their old belief systems, heal from past trauma, and reclaim their energy! Helping them to write a new story for the life they want to create for themselves.

Teaching the tools to live the life they love with more confidence, self-love, & and gratitude.

A gifted and skilled intuitive practitioner also offers Guided Meditation and sound Healing, Angel Oracle Card Readings during Soul Guidance sessions, Energy and sound Chakra Healing, and dance Alchemy, which are also currently available online.

An expert in Essential Oil use and safety, she offers protocols and recipes in complimentary education for clients.

One-to-one private client sessions are done on Zoom and sold in packages.

Jill loves music, dancing, and being in nature. She is a mother of two amazing children. She loves dancing, hiking, gardening, and freedom. Originally from Arizona, Her new love, life, and family are now enjoying her Northern Minnesota home. 

We believe in the power of therapeutic touch to restore and rejuvenate both the body and mind.  We are dedicated to providing you with a personalized experience that promotes relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being. 30-Minute Customized Therapeutic Message, 45-Minute Customized Massage, Craniosacral Unwinding, 60-Minute Essential Massage, 90-Minute Essential Massage, ThetaTouch Therapy

Divine Guidance through the Angel Oracle Cards. Ask your questions and receive messages of Hope, Clarity of mind, and feelings of Peace from your Guardian Angels. Done via Zoom online meeting or phone call your choice. Includes session note, image of card spread, and an affirmation.

Do you have an ailment or a health concern that needs a resolution? Have you seen all the doctors and specialists only to be offered only pills, surgery, or nothing at all? Discover the Issues in the Tissues! My Medical Intuitive Session is all about revealing and connecting the dots between, “How you feel and how to heal”. The body is a self healing machine if given the right opportunity, environment, and software. Let’s create a plan for optimal wellness!

Calm the crazy! Feel calm, grounded, and centered so that you can be your best self. In person or over Zoom through distance guided meditation and sound healing have your Chakras harmonized and Energetic Field cleared and repaired so that you will feel more in alignment. Calm fears, clear your mind, and create your own bubble of safety energetically. Especially helpful for those sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings.

Take to deep dive into your own inner healing work with me. Learn how Self Hypnosis is key to making lasting change and transformation in your life.

Soul Guidance
Medical Intuitive
Sound Healing

Essential Healing Works Jill Batista  Mind - Body Therapist 


I felt extremely supported and safe with Jill!  What helped me the most was her ability to help me clear my past beliefs.  I highly recommend Jill for her work!  She has a natural gift and can help you move past your limited beliefs on to a more joy filled life!
Tracy P.
Jill is a Rockstar, extremely knowledgeable. Had a lot of deep work done, a well thought out session & bounced back extremely well. I will be returning!
Best massage I’ve ever had! Great service!

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