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-Jason Allen-

Director of Innovative Technology

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Jason’s broad knowledge of the construction process comes from his experience as an electrician and superintendent, which has proven his belief that the key to a successful project start with attention to detail. When properly applied, he knows that that the attention to detail for safety, time management, and budget will be the foundation on which the project will succeed. Jason is also a Lean Construction Practitioner and has experience in application during Preconstruction and Construction phases.

Dell Management offers consulting services for management of Commercial and Industrial construction projects. Our clients range from start-up businesses to established Fortune 500 companies within the Food and Beverage Manufacturing sector.

A full understanding of the daily struggles present on the job-site comes from design experience. Developing the documents that were used as a practitioner continues to be an invaluable tool for ensuring correct interpretation of design. Early detection and conflict resolution proves to be a key component for keeping a construction project on schedule.

The most important aspect of a manager is comprehension. Scope, schedule, and budget are key components within a project, and it is the responsibility of the construction manager to ensure that all aspects of construction are being addressed. During our experiences, it has been found that a complete understanding results from involvement during all phases of the project.

Utilizing our connections, we form and maintain strategic partnerships with entities of similar interests within the industry. Leveraging those relationships to work towards common goals, our companies work together to provide unique and innovative ideas for the industry to grow which simultaneously provides access to the majority of the market.

Safety is the building block of our Core Values. We believe in holding the entire team accountable for safety. It is the responsibility of the team to work together and ensure every single worker goes home safely to their family every single day in the same, or better, condition than when they arrived.

We leverage our knowledge and experience in the industry to implement Behavior Based Safety practices and encourage active participation amongst skilled tradesmen. Please see below to learn more about our strategies in keeping safety the top priority.

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