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After over three decades of experience in bedside nursing, Cathy joined the great exodus out of the hospital to take a more functional approach to helping people. Experience has shown her that a holistic approach to health and wellness is essential. Holistic Essentials offers IV hydration, nutrition, and aromatherapy from a certified aromatherapist and is available for your concierge nursing needs.

IV Therapy Formulas Offered: Modified Myer’s, Hangover, Migraine, PMS, Fatigue-Jet Lag, Under the Weather, Rehydration, Low Dose Vitamin C, High Dose Vitamin C

We have personalized essential oil blends for various issues like sleep, anxiety, and much more for any age. Education for groups or individuals on essential oils. Includes how to use oils safely, and the purpose of different oils. Essential oils or any Young Living products are available for purchase. 

Post Operative Care and Postpartum/Newborn Care. If you ever wished you could have your own nurse for a few hours or days after you come home with a newborn? Dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety? With almost 3 decades of experience in newborn, labor/delivery, and postpartum inpatient care, you can have an extended time of expert help in your home.

Holistic Essentials Cathy Verry


Cathy is kind, caring, and professional. She is a fabulous person and a great nurse. She has been a God-send to me and a great blessing! I would send anyone who is in need of her services to Cathy without hesitation.
Juli, Duluth

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