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New Life Construction is a family-owned business with a strong emphasis on personal service, attention to detail, and commitment to cost control. There are many ways in which we can update your home. For example, we can install your new kitchen cabinets, replace your old bathroom fixtures with brand new ones, or attend to other remodeling tasks. In addition, we have the knowledge to handle both interior and exterior structural updates, such as siding, window installations, and much more. ​We take each job seriously, be it a minor kitchen remodel or a custom interior and exterior renovation. We focus on our clients’ vision, ideas, and needs to ensure quality remodeling, from the first assessment to the finishing touches. We promise excellent results. ​ We guarantee precise, timely, and efficient work. So get in touch to bring your vision to life today.

Whether your family is growing or you’ve finally decided there just isn’t enough room in your home, an addition can be just the answer. From start to finish, we’ll work with you to provide expert design and construction services, oversee the entire process, and ensure your addition is completed on time and within your budget.

There are a variety of additions we can do, including:

  • Extra rooms/living spaces
  • Garages
  • Decks/patios
  • Pole Barns
  • Sunrooms/porches
  • Additional Stories

Whether you’re still in the dreaming stage or you’re ready to start construction tomorrow, we’re always up for a conversation.

A home remodel or renovation can breathe new life into a home that’s out-of-date or no longer functional. As a professional remodeling company, we can help you with a variety of projects and our team of experts will help you from design to construction to completion! No matter what your remodeling needs are, we’re here to help bring you your dream home within your budget and in a timely manner.


Whether you’re looking for more counter space, new cabinetry, or a completely new kitchen from scratch, our professional construction company will help bring you the kitchen of your dreams. We offer free consultations to discuss your project and determine how we can help you in your journey forward. We’ll also work with you to create a custom design that fits your wants, needs, and lifestyle within your budget!

Things to consider about your kitchen remodel include flooring, countertops, cabinetry (new or repurpose), appliances, layout, and design style or aesthetic.


Bathrooms are such a vital part of a home and we know how important it is to have enough bathrooms for your needs and that they’re nice to use, too. We want to bring you a bathroom that you’ll love and that will fit within your budget.

We’ll work with you whether you need new flooring, tiling, drywall, insulation, fixtures, or hardware, a new bathtub, walk-in shower, vanity, etc., or a new bathroom altogether!


Basements can add so much space to your home, especially if you’re currently living with an unfinished one. Whether your basement is currently a blank canvas or it needs an update, with the right team and design, you can add on a bathroom, bedroom, utility room, living space, activity space, gym, and more!

Finishing a basement can be a lot of work, but we’ll help you take it one step at a time. With a finished basement, you can add so much extra living space (and property value) to your home. From design to construction to completion, we can build you a beautiful basement that will bring more space and functionality to your home on time and within your budget!


Have you ever considered transforming your attic into a versatile living space? If your home was blessed with a spacious attic, just like finishing a basement, you can add so much more space (and property value) to your home by renovating your attic space.

We’ll work with you to design and build your attic space into a playroom, bedroom, office, functional.

Roofs, siding, doors, and windows will not only help you increase the curb appeal of your property, but they all work to protect your home from the elements, too. Whether you have cracked or missing siding, rotting old windows, or drafty doors, our expert teams will make your living more comfortable (and beautiful) in no time!

Get professional roofing, siding, door, and window replacement assistance with the team at New Life Construction LLC.

Metal, Asphalt & Rubber Roof Installation

One thing about living in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin is that we experience a lot of extreme weather like heavy rainfall, damaging hail, rampaging windstorms, snowfall, and snowmelts. It can take a toll on roofs, and whether you need repairs or a new roof altogether, we can help you!

We know how vital a roof is to the safety and quality of your home and our expert team works to bring you just what you need within your budget and in a timely manner, too. Contact us [link to contact page] today to set up your free consultation for all of your roofing needs!


Siding can get outdated, worn out, damaged, and just plain unsightly over time from storm damage, water damage, and more. If you’re ready to mix it up, our expert team is ready to help! We offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, and we will work with you to find the perfect match for your home.

Choose from:

  • Metal siding
  • Wood siding
  • Fiber Cement Board Siding
  • Vinyl siding



Doors work to keep out drafts and unwanted visitors, reduce noise, keep in warm/cold air, and provide you with a way to enter and exit your home. When doors are no longer functioning in this way or you’re just simply ready for a change, New Life Construction is ready to help!


Drafts and leaks, condensation, and rotting are common issues with old windows and a tell-tale sign that it’s time for some new ones. We also understand how stressful a big project like window replacement can be, and we know how important it is to have good windows. That’s why we work to bring you what you need in a time-efficient way and that’s going to be as budget-friendly as possible.

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