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-Bhakti Ishaya-

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Bhakti is a dedicated teacher of Ascension, a practice beyond meditation. He has purposefully led others to reconnect with consciousness and inner peace since 2015 with the international organization, The Bright Path. His quest for internal fulfilment started when he was a young father and war veteran. Meditation transformed his life. Years later he succeeded as CEO of a Minnesota based national company, but Bhakti still knew something was missing, even in his success. Once introduced to The Bright Path, he learned the practice of Ascension in 1997 and experienced a profound improvement of his health, happiness, productivity and relationships. Bhakti believes each person is truly divine and cares deeply to help others experience a radical change and long-lasting peace of mind.

An in-person weekend course where you will learn the practice of Ascension. It is informal, enlivening, enjoyable and absolutely life changing. Four techniques are taught by the Ishayas called “The Ascension Attitudes”. They are extremely powerful and effective techniques of self-discovery and transformation. 

The DayTime meetings are open to all and to those who have already taken a 1st Sphere Course in Ascension Meditation. Support, meditation and guidance are offered in these in-person or zoom events.

“A Mindful Choice is a stunning documentary that shows the powerful, positive impact the practice of Ascension has on people’s lives. Beautifully filmed, A Mindful Choice weaves together stories of individuals, groups, and communities from many different parts of the world, and incredibly varied backgrounds, who have changed for the better due to the impact of this amazing teaching.



The method is incredibly simple and profoundly effective! Meditation has never been so easy.

LB, USA, Church Minister

After learning The Bright Path Ascension, I immediately saw a difference. And I started having more clarity with less forced effort. I am referring all my friends and colleagues to this process - what an amazing journey I have begun and will do for the rest of my days!

LTK, USA, BNI Director; Entrepreneur/Mom/wife

Ascension is the most beautiful and powerful meditation practice I've tried, one that I have embraced with ease and joy. Its simplicity as well as its appropriateness for people of all religions and spiritual persuasions make it a true treasure to be experienced and shared. It has been transformative for me.

TSV, PhD, USA - Minister and Theologian

The things I most enjoy about working with the Attitudes are the foundation in joy and the ability to dismantle habit patterns without the formal investigation of the patterns themselves. My own experience is The Attitudes provide a framework that is fluid, expanding and very much alive.

A.H., USA - Acupuncturist

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