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As a country girl from northern Minnesota, I grew up with renowned outdoor photographer Les Blacklock as my neighbor. Les visited our farm and took photographs of the blooming daisy field. My dad saw him set up his old fashion tripod and camera and instantly hooked on photography. He hiked all over to capture nature’s best, from waterfalls in Yellowstone to finding unique arches in Utah. I often traveled with my dad on his expeditions, and he would give me pointers along the way. Those are still some of my fondest memories. While it was amazing to experience this with my dad, photographing nature was his passion, not mine. For the past 27+ years, I have attended the various games/meets my husband coached, with the common denominators being football and track. Heeding my dad’s advice, I took pictures of what interested me the most: people in their element. The big play. The close finish. The grand finale. But also, what happens after. The emotions. Tears and triumphs of the players, coaches, and spectators. I get to give back. Families will always have their pictures, capturing those moments when they made the big play, won the race, and were entirely in their element.

Photo Day pictures capturing your athlete and their team in a controlled setting with various sports teams and individuals, including youth leagues and booster fundraisers. Packages include buttons, banners, key chains, magnets, and other creative items.

Sports photography is an essential part of sporting culture.  I capture the biggest moments in your athlete’s season.  The action is live, unplanned and action is captured as it unfolds on the field, court, or track.

Work with Duluth News Tribune, Moose Lake Star Gazette, and Pine Journal. Currently accepting freelance projects.

From Dog Sled Races to Rodeos and Hot Air Balloon Festivals, capturing groups, individuals, and activities as they unfold in the community.

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